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Sump Pump Repair

There are many things that can cause sump pump failure. Investing in annual sump pump maintenance will be a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it will keep your basement dry for many years. A sump pump failure can be a serious problem. If you’re noticing issues with your sump pump, then our expert team at LaCassa Plumbing will fix your faulty sump pump both quickly and correctly.

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Signs of Failing Sump Pump

If your sump pump is about to fail, it’ll likely give you a few clues that it’s about to do so.  These can include:

Running without water. Sump pumps can see a reduction in their lifespan if they keep running dry for a longer period of time.
Frozen pump. During cold weather, your pump may freeze out and won’t be able to work properly.
Old age. The average life of a pump is around five to ten years, but it can be affected by many factors. This can include the frequency of its use, the extent to which the water is required in order to be discharged, the electrical source, and the efficiency of the pump.
Odd sounds. Sounds from the pump may mean parts that have been worn or destroyed.
Excessive vibration while running.  The wobbling generates noise, which indicates potential issues with the pump.

How to Prevent the Sump Pump From Freezing?

A frozen sump pump can cause major issues, but you can prevent it by following these helpful tips.

Keep the water running

Water freezes fast when it is not moving, so even if it’s cold out there, you should keep the water running. One good way to maintain water flow is to place a light slope on your sump pump. Gravity causes the water’s normal flow, which helps avoid freezing.


Bury the pipe

To shield it from freezing, bury the pipe at least 8-18 inches beneath the ground and have a 3-4″ discharge on the outside.

Obtain routine service repairs

Regular maintenance from our skilled plumbers at LaCassa Plumbing will help keep the pump in top condition.

What Causes Sump Pumps to Break?

There can be several reasons for your sump pump breakage, including:

The sump pump was not installed properly. Correct installation can help minimize any problems.
You have an overworked sump pump. Sometimes, a single pump is not sufficient to handle a damp basement. A single pump cannot be sufficiently stable or strong enough to manage the water supply, particularly in heavy rainfall.
There’s a frozen discharge pipe. Sump pumps typically dispose of any water collected from drainage pipes. If discharge lines are frozen or blocked, it can fail.
It has a faulty switch. A faulty switch is a significant technical problem that renders the sump pump useless. The float switch regulates the smooth operation of the on-off power switch, and if this switch is faulty, you need to get our sump pump repaired.
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Why Choose Lacassa Plumbing in Westmont and Burr Ridge, Illinois?

Here at LaCassa Plumbing, we specialize in the maintenance and maintenance of basement springs and pumps. We can help you with any issues you may have with your sump pump, such as problems that can arise after heavy rainfall. Furthermore, we can accommodate all different project sizes from the planning phase to construction and installations, both domestic and commercial. Our team is exceptionally qualified and one of the industry’s best. We can help mount the pump correctly make sure it runs smoothly for years to come.

Conveniently based in Westmont and Burr Ridge, LaCassa Plumbing is happy to provide the best services at an affordable price. To have us service your sump pump, please contact us today!

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