How to Hire a Plumber Near Darien, IL

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The plumbing system in and around your home may be more complicated than many people realize. Your plumbing system begins at the point your water service line crosses into your property and ends at the point your sanitary sewer line crosses out of your property. This includes all water and sanitary sewer lines inside and below your home. Anything that is outside your property line is owned and maintained by your local municipality.

How do I Find a Plumber to Begin With?

The internet is the fastest and most reliable place to find a plumber. All you need to do is to conduct a search online. To narrow your search, you may want to use one or more of the following search terms.

  • Darien, IL plumbers.
  • Darien, IL plumbers near me.
  • Darien, IL best plumbing companies.
  • Better Business Bureau for Darien, IL plumbers.

Now That I Have Found Some Plumbers, What Should I do Next?

Most states require that a plumber be licensed. For a plumber to obtain their license, they must pass the exams required by your state. This is the first and foremost thing you should look for in a plumbing company. Hiring an unlicensed plumbing company can have disastrous results.

You should also be aware that some individual employees of a plumbing company may not have passed the licensing exams. These individuals may be relatively new employees that have a high school diploma and possess mechanical skills. Some of them may also be “apprentice plumbers”, which are those who are being trained to become licensed plumbers. They typically have more experience and training than new employees.

Once you have narrowed your search to licensed plumbing companies, there are some other questions you should ask before you hire one. Below is a list of questions you should ask.

  • Is the plumber able to provide you with proof they have insurance?
  • What experience does the plumbing company have? As with any contractor, the more experience the plumbing company has, the greater the chances that they will perform quality work.
  • Will the plumbing company give me an accurate estimate of the cost of work to be done? This estimate should include all elements of the repair work. The most important of which is labor and parts.
  • Does the plumbing company offer any warranties or guarantees? These should include both parts and labor costs.
  • Is the plumbing company willing to provide you with references? If they are, you should check with those references to verify their validity.
  • Which individual employee will be performing the work? This is important because of what we discussed previously regarding licensing and experience. If the individual is not yet licensed, you should ask whether they are in an apprenticeship.
  • Is the labor portion of the estimate based upon an hourly rate, or a fixed rate? If it is an hourly rate, you will want to ask them for an estimate of the number of hours required to perform the work. This is another instance where licensing and experience are important.
  • Is the plumbing company fully bonded and insured? This is important because a fully bonded and insured company will be liable for any damage done to your property. As well as any injury sustained by the employee performing the work.

This may seem like it involves a lot of effort on your part. These efforts will pay off in the end, since you will have the job done right. If a plumbing company is unable to give you satisfactory answers to these questions, you should move on to a different company. You do not want to end up with any damage to your home due to the work being performed. That can lead to you paying more out of pocket for your plumbing issue.

Why Should I choose LaCassa Plumbing?

If you choose to hire LaCassa Plumbing, you can rest assured that we will perform the best work possible. We meet or exceed all the requirements listed above. We appreciate you choosing LaCassa Plumbing!

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